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Potential role of propolis in wound healing: Biological properties and therapeutic activities Biomed Pharmacother. Propoli per BPH chemical composition of propolis varies and depends on the geographical area, time of collection, seasonality, illumination, altitude, and food availability during propolis exploitation.

The goal of this review is to discuss important concepts including mechanisms of action and therapeutic activities of propolis. The PubMed, ScienceDirect, and Cochrane Library databases were searched for the literature published from January the 1st to October the 1st Sixteen animals and three clinical studies propoli per BPH included. A quantitative and qualitative review was performed on the clinical trials and the animal studies were comprehensively overviewed.

In this study, the clinical trials have been combined and the results were provided as meta-analysis. Propolis is a non-toxic natural product; however some cases of allergy and contact dermatitis to this compound have been described mainly among beekeepers. An important factor in impaired wound healing is biofilm formation; propolis as an anti-microbial agent can reduce biofilm generation and result in accelerated healing processes.

Most of the in vivo studies on various wound models suggested the beneficial roles of propolis on experimental wound healing and this has also been approved propoli per BPH the propoli per BPH trial studies. However, there is a lack of information concerning, dose, side effects and clinical effectiveness of propolis on wounds.

As the effectiveness of propolis between different products is variable, more characterizations should be done and future investigations comparing different propolis based products and characterization of their specific roles on different models of wounds are highly appreciated.

Posted by Editor at AM 0 comments Links to this post. Labels: Propolis. Insect stingers have been known to easily penetrate soft tissues. Bioinspired needles mimicking the barbs in a honeybee stinger were developed for a smaller insertion force, which can provide a less invasive procedure.

Decreasing the insertion force will decrease the propoli per BPH deformation, which is essential propoli per BPH a more accurate targeting. In this study, some design parameters, in particular, barb shape and geometry i. Three-dimensional 3D printing technology was used to manufacture bioinspired needles. A specially-designed insertion test setup using tissue mimicking Polyvinyl chloride PVC gels was developed to measure the insertion and extraction forces.

The barb design parameters were then experimentally modified through detailed experimental procedures to further reduce the insertion force.

Different scales of the barbed needles were designed and used to explore the size-scale effect on the insertion force. To further investigate the efficacy of the proposed needle design in real surgeries, preliminary ex-vivo insertion tests into bovine liver tissue were performed.

Labels: Bee Venom. Propoli per BPH by-products from beeswax recycling process a new promising source of bioactive compounds with biomedical properties? Food Chem Toxicol. These matrices may have an interesting healthy and commercial potential but to date they have not been properly studied. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the proximal and phytochemical composition, the antioxidant capacity and cytotoxic effects propoli per BPH two by-products from beeswax recycling process named MUD 1 and MUD 2 on liver hepatocellular carcinoma.

MUD1 exerted also anticancer activity on HepG2 cells, by reducing cellular viability, increasing intracellular ROS levels and affecting mitochondrial functionality in a dose-dependent manner. We showed for the first time propoli per BPH by-products from beeswax recycling process can represent a rich source of phytochemicals with high total antioxidant capacity and anticancer activity; however, further researches are necessary to evaluate their potentiality for human health by propoli per BPH vivo studies.

Labels: Beeswax. Its chemical compositions varies according to the phytogeography characteristics propoli per BPH each region, among others. The aim of this propoli per BPH was to identify and characterize the volatile organic compounds VOCs present in Venezuelan propolis and compare with reference samples such as Brazilian and Argentinian ones. In the case of Propoli per BPH propolis, sesquiterpenes, esters, aromatic compounds and aliphatic hydrocarbons were identified.

The limonene was found only in Venezuelan samples being the first time it is identified in samples from this country. As for the Argentinian samples, the prenyl acetate, benzyl acetate, and 2-phenylethyl acetate were detected only in these samples. Several compounds have also been identified for the first time in Venezuelan propolis. Cluster analysis allowed to relate propolis VOCs profile with their provenance. At present, there is no effective method for controlling this disease.

Here, we evaluated the effect of propolis against Pd in vitro. Using Sabouraud dextrose agar SDA medium, approximately 1. A germule suppression assay showed a similar effect on Pd conidia germination. A MALDI-TOF-MS analysis of propolis revealed multiple constituents with a potential anti-Pd activity, including cinnamic acid, p-coumaric acid, and dihydrochalcones, which could be further tested for their individual effects.

Our study suggests that propolis or its individual constituents might be suitable products against Pd. Comparative Study with a Lip Balm Containing 0. Curr Ther Res Clin Exp. Application was 5 times daily. The primary parameter was the difference in median time to complete encrustation or epithelialization of lesions. Secondary parameters were the development of typical herpes symptoms eg, pain, burning and itching, tension, and swellingthe global assessment of efficacy, and propoli per BPH safety of application.

Significant differences in favor of the study propoli per BPH were found with all secondary parameters and symptoms. No allergic reactions, local irritations, propoli per BPH other adverse events were observed. Escherichia coli is among the most common colonizers of infected wounds and it is a prolific biofilm former. Living in biofilm communities, cells are protected, become more difficult to control and eradicate, and less susceptible to antibiotic therapy. This work presents insights into the proceedings triggering E.

Synergic and additive effects were propoli per BPH in some phage-honey experiments. Propoli per BPH therapy prompted similar phenomena in biofilm cells, visualized by electron microscopy, as the individual treatments. Honey caused minor membrane perturbations to complete collapse and consequent discharge of cytoplasmic content, and phage completely destroyed cells leaving only vesicle-like structures and debris.

Propoli per BPH experiments show that the addition propoli per BPH phage to low honey concentrations is advantageous, and that even fourfold diluted honey combined with phage, presents no loss of antibacterial activity toward E. Portuguese honeys possess excellent antibiofilm activity and may be potential alternative therapeutic agents in biofilm-related wound infection.

Furthermore, to our knowledge this is the first study that assessed the impacts of phage-honey combinations in bacterial cells. The synergistic effect obtained was shown to be promising, since the antiviral effect of honey limits the emergence of phage resistant phenotypes.

Labels: Honey. The best folk remedy for sore throat Mice Times Propolis to dissolve. Propolis, like honey, has healing properties and it can be called one of the best natural antiseptics. If a sore throat, instead of drugstore candy dissolve a piece of propolis several times a day. Effect on oxidative stress, hepatic chemical metabolizing parameters, and genotoxic damage of mad honey intake in rats Hum Exp Toxicol. While a separate control group was established for each study period, mad honey application to the animals in the experimental group was carried out with a single dose From hepatic chemical metabolizing parameters, GST activity increased in the subacute and chronic stages and Propoli per BPH activity increased in the acute period, whereas GSH level decreased in the subacute stage.

Changes in tail and head intensities were found in most of the comet results. Mad honey caused oxidative stresses for each exposure period and made propoli per BPH significant changes on the comet test in certain periods for some samples obtained.

In other words, according to the available research results obtained, careless consumption of mad honey for different medical purposes is not appropriate. Caucasica Medcrave The venom of the European honey bee Apis mellifera is an intricate mixture of chemical compositions, including proteins, peptides, enzymes, and other small molecules.

Lately, there has been growing interest in the use of melittin, due to its wide range of propoli per BPH and potential therapeutic applications. In parallel to antimicrobial peptides for therapeutic use in humans, melittin can be used to fight economically important plant pathogens that limit crop production globally.

Both of these enzymes are classified as major allergens according to the International Union of Immunological Societies, as they are capable of inducing the IgE response propoli per BPH susceptible individuals. The results of study confirm that a high purity and recovery yield of melittin can be obtained with a one-step purification method with strong cationexchange chromatography resins using sodium phosphate buffer at pH Chrysin attenuates testosterone-induced benign prostate hyperplasia propoli per BPH rats Food Chem Propoli per BPH.

Propolis nasal spray effectively improves recovery from infectious acute rhinitis and common cold symptoms in children: a pilot study. Currently, treatment for acute rhinitis AR is symptomatic but no clear agreement exists to control its development. Propolis extract may appear as a promising natural treatment for Propoli per BPH, but its beneficial effects have not yet been propoli per BPH tested.

Forty children suffering from AR and common cold symptoms aged between years were enrolled in a prospective epidemiological multicentre study. The main goal was to evaluate the changes in symptom intensity using the Jackson's scoring test.

After 7 days of treatment there was a significant decrease of symptoms both in the total score p less than 0. On propoli per BPH whole, the sample reported no symptoms by day 7, and the resolution of symptoms occurred approximately at day 4.

Furthermore, there was no need for supplementary treatment. Both the subjective global improvement impression and the QoL of patients propoli per BPH to significantly improve after treatment. No adverse events AEs were found globally. It can be concluded that propolis nasal spray effectively improves recovery from infectious AR and common cold symptoms in children and is an optimal alternative in the treatment of this disease without need for any adjuvant treatment. Discovery of caffeic acid phenethyl ester derivatives as novel myeloid differentiation protein 2 inhibitors for treatment of acute lung injury.

Eur J Med Chem. The binding mode of 10s revealed that the major interactions with MD2 were established via two key hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions.

Taken together, this work provides new lead structures and candidates as MD2 inhibitors for the development of anti-inflammatory drugs. It is elaborated by stingless bees of tribe Meliponini. The sample analyzed has high contents of total phenols and flavonoids, as well as high antioxidant activity. The constituents characterized were mainly flavonols, such as quercetin methyl ethers, and methoxychalcones.

Such chemical profile is similar to the composition of a green propolis from the same area of RN, which is produced by Africanized Apis mellifera, using shoot apices of Propoli per BPH tenuiflora, popularly known as "jurema-preta. The sharing of a plant resin source by phylogenetically distant bees Apinae and Meliponinae suggests that bee genetic factors play little role in the choice of plants for resin collection and that the availability of potential botanical sources plays a decisive role.

Histological analysis of mice propoli per BPH and kidneys demonstrated mild to moderate inflammation. Recently it has been shown that the extraction methods which yielded phenolic molecules, affected the anti-oxidant and anticancer effect of propolis.